How to Play Senet | Ancient Egypt

Did you know that there were four games of Senet found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb? This strategy game was enjoyed by the ancient Egyptians, and now you can learn how to play, too. Granted historians disagree on the rules of the game. I’ll show you this simple version we learned while at the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose, CA.


Download your own game board. I made this one based on the life-sized game we played at the museum. Now you can enjoy this easy-to-play game.


Players: 2

Ages: 5 and up

Level: beginner

Cost: free


How to play:

Line up your markers on the left side of the board, alternating game pieces (5 for each gamer).

Roll dice. If you roll ‘five’, roll again. The ancient Egyptians believed ‘five’ was an unlucky number. Move your marker to a spot. If you land on a spot that is occupied, that marker is moved to your original spot. If you land on a spot that you occupy, choose a different marker to move. If your game pieces occupy two squares side by side in two columns, your markers are safe and cannot be moved back. If you land on a square that is lucky, you get an extra turn, if you land on a square that is unlucky you lose a turn. To win the game, all your game pieces have to move through all the square, going up the left, down the middle and up the right and exit the game. You can land exactly on the last square or beyond it. The object of the game is to derail your opponent’s advancements while getting your pieces through the board.



2 thoughts on “How to Play Senet | Ancient Egypt

  1. I have watched the video several times but i am curious if the two spaces with pictures under the finish have special meanings or activities.

    1. The water symbol spot means that you have to return to the middle of the board. The other spaces are safe spaces. Your opponent cannot attack you when you are there.

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