Curriculum Choices for 2016-2017 | Homeschool

We homeschool using a Waldorf curriculum as our ‘default’ curriculum. When doing our ‘main lesson blocks’, we expand them slightly and turn them partly into Unit Studies using ‘living books’ inspired by the Charlotte Mason philosophy. This year, however, we need to change up our unit study approach with our 9th grader because of the stricter rules imposed by our charter school when it comes to high school. So instead of unit studies for my 9th grader, we will be doing his subjects throughout the year on a daily basis, while maintaining the same subjects as unit studies for all the kids in ‘main lesson blocks’. If it’s confusing for you, I know! It’s confusing for me! I’ve been trying to get material that is age appropriate for all my kids, and yet choose material that can span the whole year for my 9th grader versus a smaller unit for my 5th grader and KGer.

I’m making all my curriculum materials lists available on Teachers Pay Teachers for free. The lists are available for US History, Math, and Geology and include titles or product names, description, grade level, reading level, LINKS to products and pictures. The lists can always be found on my website, but some are not posted there yet, since I haven’t made a video on some of the unit studies.

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