Vacation Haul

What do you buy when you visit a new place? Are there any souvenirs to seek out and must have? For us there are a few things we look for: patches or pins from place we visit and honey! Honey??!! Yep, I started buying local honey from the places we visited as a tasty souvenir of the places we visited. This way, I thought, we’d be able to taste the area! It’s become of thing for me now, and since then friends and family have brought me honey from their travels, so in addition to most local varieties found in southern California, I’ve added to my collection honey from Canada, France and New Zealand in addition to honey from Texas (some of my favorite), Washington, northern California, Hawaii and the east coast. I love tasting the variety and sharing my honey with friends over fresh bakes hot scones with butter and chai. Open invite to all!!

On this trip, we picked up honey from British Columbia, CA, and from two locations in Washington. Though we didn’t buy maple syrup from Canada, we did by maple butter and maple sugar because those are not as easy to find locally as maple syrup.

But my favorite find of all was my new cutting board! Made from several varieties of woods including purpleheart tree, my new cutting board fashioned by Lee, is not only a work of art, it’s sure to become a family heirloom.

Sorry for the typo!! Lee and her BEAUTIFUL cutting boards 🙂

You can contact Lee at where she’ll send you pictures of all her products. Pedrohm Woodworking is located in Seattle, Washington, all products made in the USA.

Woods used in cutting boards are Bubinga, Purple heart, Walnut, Maple, and Yellowheart.
The gnome book will work well with our story telling for KG-2nd grade and is a book I loved to look at when I was a child. Finding it in the window of a used book store at Pike Place Market was like having a flashback to my childhood.

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