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A friend and I put together a series of activities to for our unit study on the visually impaired. We held a number of workshops to raise money for the organization

My friend, Qanita, and I are doing a unit study on the visually impaired, inspired by the LaunchGood  fund raising money to make books in braille for the visually impaired. We are doing a series of activities and field trips. We have limited space and resources, but if you want to join some of the activities, you can! Here’s a brief list of activities we have planned:

“Feel Nature” location- Regional Park

Series of hands-on activities that uses all the sense, except sight. How does a blind person enjoy nature? Let’s find out during the ‘blind-folded hike’, ‘mystery bag, ‘enhanced hearing activity’, ‘what’s that smell’, ‘What’s mommy’s purse’ and ‘name that texture’.

“The Anatomy of the Eye” Field Trip to an Optometrist’s office-

Learn about the anatomy of the eye. Tour the office and see the equipment. Learn about magnification and glasses. Learn about diseases of the eye and the causes of blindness.

 “Biographies and Braille” –

Learn about famous blind people, and how they revolutionized the functionality and education of the visually impaired. Look at braille and feel what it’s like to read it. Write in braille. Special hands-on project: ‘Grow your name in Braille’ in which we will glue seeds to the raised portion of braille of a sheet of paper. Then you can plant the paper and watch your flowers grow!

“Islam and the Blind”-

Allah says that some people will be ‘blind’ even though they can see. What does this mean? We’ll explore the Islamic significance of sight and blindness in Islam. We’ll cover the famous blind people in Islam (Bukhari and Abdullah ibn Markhtum) We’ll discuss the ayat pertaining to the incident in which the Prophet was engaged in a conversation with the noble and didn’t give immediate attention to the blind man asking him about Islam. Tafseer of Surah Abasa will be covered.

“Animals and their Eyes” –Location TBA

This class will be all about how Allah created different kinds of eyes. Each animal was created with unique advantages over other animals, from the placement of their eyes, to the distance at which they can see, to animals with no eyesight.

“Art you can Feel” –Location TBA

Make art that is beautiful to feel, nice to look at and environmentally conscience. Art can be on paper or as a sculpture, but in all cases, we’ll be mindful of our environmental footprint.  We’ll explore different forms of art.

“Math you can hear” –Arboretum  

This lively and interactive event will be all about sound and touch. Listen for numbers. How many times were the sticks struck, the drums beat, the hands clapped? Dip your hand in a vessel of water. What’s the volumes? How heavy is this object? How many objects are in the jar? Can you do this with your eyes closed? Experience math like never before! Can you tell if the objects are symmetrical without seeing them? Is it level?

“Technology for the Blind” –A. T. Kratter

Tour a local company that caters to the blind. Learn about how the visually impaired used computers, cell phones and more. Try the technology out for yourself! This special tour is made possible by Malik and folks over at A.T. Kratter in Garden Grove.





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