Ancient Egypt Map | Chalk Drawing

For our Ancient Egypt unit study, we did a series of chalk drawings for our main lesson books. I drew a scene on the chalk board, then the kids drew it in their main lesson books. We use a Waldorf inspired curriculum using the main lessons as our unit studies.

Chalk boards, Sargent Art Chalk Pastels, main lesson books and color pencils can be found at Waldorf Supplies.
Inspiration for drawings came from

History Opens Windows: The Ancient Egyptians by Jane Shuter
Ralph Masiello’s Ancient Egypt Drawing Book
Mysteries of History Ancient Egypt by AZBooks

All books can be found at Rainbow Resource.
See what main lesson books are and how to make them.

Here’s how to make a pencil case for your color pencils.
Duration: drawings usually take 20-40 minutes, but this one took me almost an hour to do. This one is on my mobile chalk board which is 4’x6′ and is made by Ghent.
Share pics of your projects with me!


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