For our Ancient Roman main lesson block for homeschool, we did a number of hands on activities and projects and many of them come from the book Classic Kids An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece and Rome by Lauri Carlson. This book is chock full of fun, educational and best of all easy activities you can do to enhance your unit of Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece. The projects are simple enough to do in an afternoon and are perfect for homeschool or the classroom.

I’ll show you two projects: one classic one using tiles and the other is a simple paper version you can do easily or take your time with it and make it more complex and time-consuming. Either method gets a little laborious and while our paper mosaic was fairly straightforward, none of us were especially proud of our finished project. I think it would have looked better if we used smaller paper tiles.

Our Golden Gate Bridge Mosaic Kit was such a winner. It contained high quality tiles, strong glue and a frame board made of sturdy chipboard. We got this kit from the Golden Gate Park gift shop and while I would have loved to make the image on the box, we opted to make something that was both visually significant as well as artistically relevant for Ancient Rome.

You can check out more projects and tutorials for our Ancient Rome unit which now spans two separate units.

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