Apple Cider

These two apples just didn’t get eaten. Once they turn soft, no one likes them. But that’s okay. There are many things you can do with soft apples: make applesauce, apple pie or apple cider.

Today these two apples will be turned into hot apple cider that none of us liked!

Did you know that during Colonial Times, fresh water was not so fresh or clean and often wasn’t good to drink. The solution to thirst was apple cider. Sometimes it was even hard apple cider or ale watered down a bit. This and more we learned from the book Great Colonial America Projects You Can Build by Kris Bordessa.


Juice 4-6 apples (reserve pulp for apple sauce)

Heat on medium heat

Add a pinch of cinnamon

Enjoy hot!

I think if we try this again, we’ll drink it chilled. None of really cared for it warmed, in fact, we just didn’t like it at all! What about you?

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