Archaeology Pyramid Dig | Ancient Egypt

We continue our Ancient Egypt unit study with this excavation project by Thames and Kosmos: National Geographic’s Archaeology Pyramid Dig available from Rainbow Resource.

What we liked about this kit is that the pyramid is not destroyed in the excavation process. Instead the kids had to decipher a secret message to locate the best place to excavate the pyramid so that they could easily open it. We also liked that the kit came with specialized and authentic excavation tools.

Once the lid was removed, the base of the pyramid is revealed. The sand is tightly packed with mysteries buried beneath. A sarcophagus and a set of canopic jars (not to scale) are hidden beneath the sand waiting to be excavated. Once thing we failed to do was record the position and location of the artifacts as they were being discovered. I’m a little disappointed I missed this part of the project because unlike other excavation kits, this one was designed to teach the recording process on a printed grid, available in the direction packet.

The directions actually came packed with activities and information as well as other projects you could do with your kids. We chose to do the ‘Mummify an Apple’ project. So look out for that project!

Level: 7 years and up
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $25

Is it worth buying? Being able to use school funding, I often forget to think if a product is a good deal and if I would be able to purchase it on my own. For most things, I like to make my own project, kit or toy, but this is one I wouldn’t be able to make and have the kids excavate. The canopic jars and sarcophagus are probably something a crafty person could make out of polymer clay. If I were to buy this project, we’d only buy one to share, rather than one for each kid, but there was something really thrilling about cracking open your own pyramid!

Let me know if you’ve tried a project like this!

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