Fast, easy and educational science projects are the best, especially when you happen to have all the materials to do them. This lesson on buoyancy was so instructional, I’m sure my kids and I will be remembering it everytime we dip into a swimming pool. I love it when a homeschool lesson is an opportunity for me to learn something new. I already knew salt water was more buoyant than fresh water (one benefit to living near the beach), but I didn’t know mild acids like vinegar or alcohol were less buoyant than fresh water. This project was inspired by the one in the book Archimedes & the Door to Science by Jeanne Bendick. We are using this book as part of our Ancient Greece main lesson block and it was a perfect opportunity to add some science to our history lessons.

I highly recommend the books by Jeanne Bendick. They are well written and engaging. They have occasional black and white illustrations. The writing is simple, yet educational and written in a narrative format with many stories.

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