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Who doesn’t love the Curious George series! These are the level 1 and level 2 readers from Rainbow Resource. They have simple storylines, bright illustrations and come with activities included at the back of the book that relates to the story.

Though these books are not part of the Waldorf curriculum, we do have an assortment of picture books. One way to repurpose a good book is to create new stories based on the pictures, so your children can enjoy some of the stories you make up. However, children respond really well to repetition so there’s tremendous benefit to telling the same story over and over again.

Sometimes, I use a picture book as inspiration for my own made up stories. You can retell the story to your children and see if they remember which book it’s from or you can embellish the story or change the ending for a bit of fun.

I can’t say I love the illustrations from the Curious George books, but we can all agree they are classics and iconic at this point. Had it not been gifted to us 10 years ago, I may have permanently overlooked this series of books.

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