Edible learning is probably the most memorable of all educational experiences. It’s not just hands-on, it takes all your senses into account when food’s involved. You touch the cookie, smell the cream, hear it crunch in your mouth and then taste the yummy goodness. I’m sure you’ve seen this phases of the moon project from cookies and today we add a little twist to the activity.

Instead of just doing this project and eating the cookies, we added a memory game to the mix. Using the Phases of the Moon Memory Game kit from Nature-Watch, we designed cookies to look like the eight phases of the moon on the game pieces. Next we laid out the memory game tiles and my two children played the game. Whoever got a pair, got to eat the cookie matching that pair! It meant that some wins were better than others! And also, one child might get more cookies than the other. Indeed that happened. My six-year-old got 5 pairs while my 11-year-old got 3 pairs. They didn’t eat the losses. Turns out the Jo-Jos from Trader Joe’s aren’t that tasty.

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