Geometry: Triangles from Intersecting Lines

Today we are making triangles from intersecting lines. We’ll only color in the triangles formed and leave the other shapes blank.

We are using a Waldorf curriculum from Live-Education.

Watercolors and watercolor paper can be found at

Embossing pen, powder and heat tool can be found at local craft stores.

This is a beautiful representation of triangles created by intersecting lines. You have to make sure not to color in other shapes, so it encourages you to pay attention to the angles and sides of each shape.

This project was for my 8th grader, but my 4th grader joined in and did a great job too.

Alternatively, you could do this project with penciled lines filled in with color pencil.

Have fun!

For more geometry projects with watercolors check out this video:

For math games you can incorporate into your curriculum, check out this video:


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