Handmade Quill Tutorial


We picked up these chicken feathers from Five Marys Farms  while attending the Wild + Free conference in southern California. I try a couple different ways to make a quill. Using a pair of scissors turns out the best. They are surprisingly easy to use, but it does take some time to to get used to the idea that you have to dip your quill in ink or you’ll run out of ink!

My nine-year-old son drilled a hole into a avocado tree round wood block to make a holder for his quill. He tried to drill it straight down, but ended up with an angled hole which means his quill is droops to the side.

We found it easier to write on homemade paper because it was more absorbent and didn’t scratch the surface of the paper leaving little ink like it does on smooth paper.

This project is great on its own or as part of our American Revolution history unit.

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