Homeschool Astronomy Project: Galileo


For our astronomy unit we made these interactive books. We read the book “Along came Galileo” by Jeanne Bendick. We recreated the demonstrations Galileo made in the 1600’s: dropping two objects of different weights and timing the swings of a pendulum.

We made the books interactive with movable models. The kids love these books!

The project took about two weeks from start to finish. We used products available from

Supplies include: Lokta paper, distress ink, watercolor paper, spray adhesive, long reach stapler (from, scissors, and silhouette cameo (

Have fun!


One thought on “Homeschool Astronomy Project: Galileo

  1. Hana, this is amazing! You have inspired a much-needed change in our homeschooling and I can gratefully report that my children are much happier and more co-operative now…making me happier in the end :). I have a Silhouette Cameo 3 and am wondering if you have shared your templates anywhere? Thank you for all that you do!

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