Ending a main lesson block or unit study is bittersweet. There’s excitement to move on, but sometimes there’s a longing to continue the unit just a bit longer. This time around, though we didn’t finish all we wanted to do, we did accomplish a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the activities we did. I’m showing you the materials we used for our Mineralogy Main Lesson block. I’m using the Live-Education Waldorf inspired homeschool curriculum as a guide and I’m supplementing with a variety of Charlotte Mason inspired living books (as well as some not-so-living books), projects, kits and activities. I have a few resource materials for additional information. The latest book I’m finding especially helpful is by Chris Novak Geology and Astronomy which is fantastic and I highly recommend it.

You can see the complete playlist of all the projects we did for our Mineralogy Main Lesson Block including the video in which I show you the materials we plan to use and how we put together out lessons.

I’m using Homeschool Panda for my lesson plans, and if you have an account (which is FREE!) you can have my lesson plans!

My lesson plans:
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The Geology Unit Study Playlist and the Compost Kit


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