It’s time to put together another unit and this time it’s Ancient Greece. We already started out with materials for this unit, but over the last few years, we added more resources. It’s quite a full unit now, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to cover everything we want in four short weeks. We could make this unit longer by 2-3 weeks and cover everything more easily, but as we got a late start to the school year, we are trying to be very efficient with our units so we can squeeze all our history units into winter. Granted our southern California winters are hardly cold, cloudy or dreary (perfect weather for hours of reading in front of the fireplace), instead we have gorgeous pleasant need-to-be-outdoor weather! You see, I like to put our history unit in the winter when we like to cozy up and read. We might turn on the fireplace, grab some warm blankets and listen while I read aloud. History units are perfect for this because there’s usually a lot of reading. And while we’ve had a small share of cool days, it feels nothing like winter! If you have a reason behind how you organize your units during the year, I’d love to hear it!

When putting together a history unit, I look for books/resources in the following topic areas:
History (famous people, timeline history, historical events)
Biographies (picture books work great for biographies)
Geography (a single atlas book does fine)
Historical fiction (a great way to get your history/culture in a fun book)
Culture/food/clothing (cook up a dish from the time period)
Audio books/songs (music from the time period is fun to listen to)
Projects/Activities (pre-made kits are a go-to staple around here)
Games (Professor Noggins are our favorite)
Workbooks (use sparingly or skip and do narrations)
Picture books (surprisingly informative & fun)
Activity and project books (Lauri Carlson has several)
Science/math (adding other subjects rounds out your unit)

Two more things I use for lesson planning are full back Post-its sticky pads and a pencil. I write notes about each book/resource on the sticky pad and stick it on the front cover of the book for easy lesson planning.

Lesson planning has been in flux for about a year or two. Currently you can find lesson plans for this unit graciously assembled by Sayeda at Precious Years exclusively for Homeschool Panda. Follow link below to access.

While I wait for some awesome lesson plan updates at Homeschool Panda, I went ahead and created this set of lesson plans in the meantime using my Mac and Numbers:

Week 1 Ancient Greece Lesson Plans Week 2 Ancient Greece Lesson Plans Week 3 Ancient Greece Lesson Plans Week 4 Ancient Greece Lesson Plans

Check out the other videos in our Ancient Greece Main Lesson Block.

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