Making a water clock is an easy science project you can do with supplies you have around the house. It’s educational and a great hands on project. This project was done to accompany our Ancient Greece Main Lesson Block. We used the book by Jim Wiese called Ancient Science as inspiration for our science projects for our ancient civilizations units.

We had mixed results. We’ve had mixed results making water clocks every time we’ve attempted this project. The basics of the science project is to have a large vessel filled with water that can drip or flow into another vessel which is calibrated and marked at intervals. We used a stopwatch to mark on a piece of electrical tape taped to the receiving vessel. After the clock was calibrated, we filled our container and let it flow into our receiving vessel. We had a discrepancy of about 2 minutes which means we have to recalibrate or water clocks don’t keep good time! Either way, we enjoyed this simple instructional ancient science project.

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