Making flash cards is probably one of the easiest homeschool DIYs. But I’ll admit, if there’s a way to add art to the project (and complicate it), you can be sure I’ll find that way. Watercoloring the planets for this project is easy and enjoyable. Even if you don’t feel you can watercolor or draw, this is one project that is fail safe. We got creative with our colors as seen in the resources we used. Those books are listed below.

For this project you can use any watercolor paper or drawing paper if you decide to color rather than watercolor. I’m using Fabriano 90lb. watercolor paper measuring 9″x12″. I’m also using Winsor Newton watercolors and some simple paint brushes I got from a local craft store. I buy most of my art supplies from Dick Blick, A Child’s Dream or Waldorf Supplies, but you can source these or similar products are most craft stores. I’m also using my Cutterpillar Pro paper trimmer and my Minc machine as a laminator. Laminator sheets can be found at most office supply retailers.

For more Astronomy projects, check out this playlist. We love our astronomy units and main lesson blocks and find it thrilling to learn about the planets, constellations and beyond!

Here are a few of the resources we used:

Stars and Planets by David H. Levy, Book of Planets by Catherine D. Hughes, Neptune by Gregory L. Vogt, The Usborne Internet Linked Book of Astronomy and Space, Saturn by Robin Kerrod, The Book of Planet Earth by Clint Twist, Our Star: The Sun, by Barrons Educational Series, and A Book about the Planets and the Stars by Betty Polisar Reigot.

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