How to Make Fold Mountains | Geology Unit

This is a super easy, super affordable and very educational activity. We were inspired by the  book Mountains and Volcanoes by Barbara Taylor, but took the project one step further by gluing the layers of paper together to make it a permanent ‘fold mountain’. We also did the activity using very thin modeling beeswax by Stockmar from A Child’s Dream.

The supplies you’ll need for this project are a pair of scissors or a paper trimmer, several sheets of construction paper, glue, paint brush, binder clips and a rubber band.

Cut the paper into 2″ strips. Layer like colors colors together. layer about 30-40 sheets together. Optional: layer in some crystals to represent fossils. Add glue to each layer and the tops and sides. Use the binder clip to hold the paper in place and use the rubber band to fold the paper into a ‘fold mountain’. Let it dry overnight or several hours in the sun. Remove binder clips and the mountain should stay as it is.

Duration: 30 min. plus 4 hours to dry
Cost: $1
Grade level: all

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