HUGE Curriculum HAUL

Grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate because this is a massive curriculum haul! You won’t find a curriculum haul quite like this, I promise. Curriculum for our homeschool is any material we use to enhance our homeschool experience from literature to hands-on materials.

I’m showing supplies from Nature Watch, Rainbow Resource and A Child’s Dream.

Check out the links below for all the products we got from A Child’s Dream.

Here’s what we got from Nature Watch:

Natural Tree Blocks (824)

Forest Forever Activity Kits (144)

Root Observation Station Activity Kit (154)

Tree Discs (201)

The Bumblebee Queen Book (603W)

Food Doesn’t Grow in Supermarkets Kit (163)

Explore Honey Bees Book (653A)

Forest in a Box (507R)

Native Plant Stories Book (601U)

Ancient Artists Activity Kit (102S)

Djembe Drum (319P)

Professor Noggin’s Oceans Card Game (316A)

Professor Noggin’s Space Card Game (316C)

Professor Noggin’s Wildlife of North America Card Game (316E)

Professor Noggin’s Geography of US Card Game (316Y)

Knot Tying Kit (502W)

Meet the Planets Book (603Z)

The Barn Owls Book (603X)

The Practical Naturalist Book (607V)

Mine Rough, 1 pound (266D)

The Prairie That Nature Built Book (601D)

Honeycomb Candle Activity Kit (133)

Nature-Watch Homeschool Nature Craft Kits (includes all single packs)

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  1. Thank you so much for this video! I am preparing to homeschool my 7 and 4 year olds, so I am excited to have found your site. I am loving all of the information and suggestions. Thank you!

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