Huge Curriculum Haul

Check out our new curriculum supplies! Most supplies were purchased from
Other vendors: Lakeshore, Apple and HP.

We live in California where we have many choices in education. We chose to enroll with a charter school that provides funding for educational materials and classes. Prior to joining our charter school we were homeschooling independently and paying for our supplies out of pocket (or getting them from the library or second-hand). There are highlights and challenges with every educational institution, so it’s best evaluate your choices and find an educational option that will work best for your family.

Want to know more about your educational choices in California?

You can also check out my blog post “School Options for California” for more information.

6 thoughts on “Huge Curriculum Haul

  1. A charter school program seems like something that would work really well for our family. Are there charter school options in ca that don’t have any classroom instruction so don’t fall under sb277? I’m just starting to gather info on homeschooling (daughter will be 3 in feb) but the charter school some of my mom friends homeschool thru are going fall under 277 because the kids attend a class a week.

  2. Salaam – great resources! I too get so excited when our curriculum boxes arrive at the door! I’m truly worse than a kid in the candy store lol. I have to control myself at any educational stores, library sales etc. I’m just curious what you use to go along with these various unit study books. Do you create your own worsheets/activities to go with these books for your units? Or is it more educating by simply reading and engaging in those hands on activities in the boxes? Also how do you choose what your units of study will be? Thank you for sharing! I’ve been watching all your videos. You are truly inspiring mashaAllah 🙂

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