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I think the first thing that striking about the Waldorf kindergarten curriculum from Live-Education is the absence of any ‘academic’ work. There are no workbooks, textbooks or even read aloud books. Instead the curriculum is filled with stories to tell, songs to sing, music to listen to, crafts to do, and toys to play with. The natural rhythm of the day is enhanced with imaginative stories and pretend play with child-sized brooms, ironing boards, wooden trucks and simple dolls. Meals are events celebrated with an opening verse. They are varied with flavored, wholesome and thoroughly enjoyed. The toys are simple and all natural.

All supplies are from A Child’s Dream.
The complete list of products are as follows:

Paint brushes are from Waldorf Supplies and the Broom set by Melissa and Doug is from Rainbow Resource

10 thoughts on “Kindergarten Curriculum Haul | Waldorf

  1. Hi Hana, how r u doing? your kindergarten curriculum looks amazing. i want to see how u teach your daughter using all those wonderful things you have. I’m very new to the Waldorf teaching.

  2. Hi I want to ask from where u can buy the curriculum and it come like a set or they gave u a lost of what u need to buy I open the site but I can’t get it
    Plz help thank u

  3. alsalam alaikum i need your advice for how to star with my daughter she is now 3.5 years old
    i thought to purchase kindergarten curriculum for her as she is promising but i need your opinion
    Ramadan Kareem

  4. Hi Hana,
    I have a son who is going on 11, has autism and dyslexia. He is behind in the public school setting. He has been promoted to 4th grade without doing any multiplication or division. He can barely add or subtract. He has never had a social studies, science, art, or music classes. I am currently going to start homeschooling this year. I am interested in using the Waldorf program as well as The Good and The Beautiful, Masterbooks, Sonlight, and Gather Round. Do you think that it would be easier for him to start from scratch so we can get caught up? Or should I just start him out on the grade level of the Public school system?

  5. Hi Hina, I am exploring waldorf curriculum. The list that you have provided above, is it all included in live education KG curriculum? Many thanks for sharing these details indeed.

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