Mummy Excavation Kit | Ancient Egypt

This mummy excavation project by GeoCentral was fun and easy to do. The sarcophagus is very detailed and made from a material that seems durable. The exterior is painted with highlights making it a look ancient and authentic. However, it is fashioned after King Tut’s sarcophagus which would have been gold and turquoise, so if you want to get historically accurate, you can paint it. The mummy is nestled inside and and also has a lot of detail. It even smells like that oils that were used in ancient mummification. On both kits, the plaster had seeped into the sarcophagus, but this wasn’t a problem. We hot glued the head back on one of them, and once wrapped in paper ‘linen’ it was just fine. The plaster material was a little hard to work through compared to other excavation kits and soon I decided to drop it from a height of about 10 inches. This cracked the plaster enough to make the remainder of the excavation go quickly.

This project can be found at Rainbow Resource.
Level: age 8 and up (but my 4 year old helped)
Duration: 1-2 hours
Cost: $10/kit

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