The Travels of Ibn Battuta Lesson Plans


These lesson plans are designed for multiple grade levels from KG through high school. Included in the lesson plans are resources for young elementary, elementary, middle school and high school. You get all the resources laid out in weekly lesson plans with grade level ranges indicated with each resource.

Lesson plans are set up for a 3-6 week unit, but practically take longer when used with an existing curriculum.

This world history unit covers areas from modern day Morocco, across North Africa, into Makkah and Turkey, across to India, Mongolia and China, the Maldives and the Malabar coast, and finishing with Spain and West Africa. Ibn Battuta’s travels were during the 1300s, and the main resources center around that time, but many books suggested in the lesson plans take place at other times in history.

Links to books, resources, and video tutorials are included in this digital version. Affiliate links to Amazon and Bookshop are included.

Lesson plans are a total of 6 pages with 3 pages devoted to explaining how to use the lesson plans  followed by 3 pages of lesson plans laid out in grid format. Each page of those three pages is one week of lesson plans.

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 Welcome to the Lesson Plans for the Ibn Battuta Unit Study. When we initially did our Ibn Battuta unit study, we focused only on Ibn Battuta and left the study of the destinations of his travels to our other unit studies of the Silk Road, Ancient China, Mongolia, West Africa and the Golden Age of Islam.

When putting together these lesson plans, I decided to approach it differently than the way we did this unit. Now you can learn about the places and history of those places Ibn Battuta traveled to and where he lived during his multi-decade travels across the Muslim world.

The primary goal of setting up lesson plans this way is to accommodate all the resources we have used and present them in a way that may be more achievable in a traditional setting. As we homeschool with our personal approach, as most homeschoolers do, we may devote a whole day to cooking a week’s worth of recipes, another day to reading chapter upon chapter of our books and yet another day in which we lose ourselves in our handwork and projects.

These lesson plans are laid out so you have all the grade levels included within each week. This allows you to pick and choose the resources that will best suit your needs. I truly believe that all the resources are suitable for grades KG-8th with the exception of the two aforementioned books. 

I’ve included a unique recipe for each day of this lesson plan. While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to cook a new recipe each day, you may choose to cook them on the weekend, or spread this unit out so you can try a recipe from each region Ibn Battuta traveled through.

Lesson are laid out for a five-day week with date and day spaces to be filled in.


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