Rock Excavation Kit | Kindergarten

This was one fun rock and crystal excavation kit! My five-year-old daughter liked it so much, she asked to do another one. She treasures the rocks and crystals that came in this kit.

This was a little difficult for her to do because she got tired of excavating after about 20-30 minutes and needed quite a bit of help. She didn’t want to stop though because the thrill of finding these polished rocks and crystals was just to great.

This kit is unique from other excavation kits we’ve done in the past because you are excavating five of sixteen different rock specimens, so it’s pretty exciting digging them up. The rocks in this kit are also polished, which is different from other kits where the rocks may be unpolished.

My daughter liked this one so much, she asked to do another one. However, we all ended up excavating the rocks for her! She just wanted the rocks! She does love them, and we are looking for a way to display them for her.

The most exciting specimen was an amethyst crystal, but all of them were nice.

You can find this kit and more at Rainbow Resource.

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