Unit Study | American Revolution

It’s time for a new unit! This one is for the American Revolution time period. Though we completed our Colonial Times unit study, there are two books that will trail into this unit. Some audio books/songs we had scheduled for this unit, just don’t want to make an appearance! We’re still really enjoying the audio CD Spirited Sounds of Colonial Times. My lesson plans are a little different these days, too. Instead of lesson planning on the computer using Excel as I’ve done for several years now, I’m handwriting general plans in a composition notebook. It’s works okay, but I’ve noticed our units are dragging on instead of finishing in a more timely manner. I can already tell you that there are books I have for this unit we are just not going to get to for two reasons: Not enough time, and they don’t look engaging. With so many well-written engaging history books, there no need to waste time on boring, dry books. Keep a look out for my American Revolution unit wrap up where I’ll share my thoughts on the books we read.

Pics of my lesson plans coming soon!

To see the complete list of books used for our history units, you can check the Pepper and Pine page at Teacher Pay Teacher for a free download!


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