What do you mean every lesson isn’t ‘perfect’? Why would you show such a failure, I mean, what’s the point? I had high hopes for this lesson, I mean after all, I successfully did it the last time we did the main lesson block. So what changed? I can’t say for sure, but I couldn’t live up to my previous self from years ago. How does that even happen?! Well, all the components were in place. All the materials were selected. Everything was ‘perfectly’ arranged and ready to go. Learning and art were to be married in this lesson on the Great Bear constellation. Well, see for yourself. I think I might have been the problem. Maybe my expectations were too high for myself. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mental space to do this lesson, either way, we threw in the towel and didn’t bother looking back.

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Check out the complete Astronomy main lesson block playlist (videos from multiple unit studies over several years):

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