Homeschool ChitChat | August 2017

Oh my summer is coming to an end, and I’m not ready for homeschool! Actually, school officially started, but we plan to ‘officially’ start after Labor Day Weekend, which traditionally marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall and school…at least in my mind 😉

You get to hear me chat about all kinds of things in this video and here are the links I promised:

I shared updates about our Botany main lesson block and Plants unit study. I also shared info about the Live-Education Waldorf homeschool conference. You can leave me a comment if you’re interested in knowing more. Don’t miss checking out Emily Cook’s book. It’s destined to be a much loved book.  You can also find her on her YouTube channel.

This year, I’m doing my homeschooling planning with Homeschool Panda
Want to join this collab? leave a comment below with your video link and I’ll add it to playlist.

You can *hopefully* expect to see these videos monthly 🙂


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