You can get very creative with your drinks. They can be hydrating, meal replacements are desserts. Aside from coffee and tea, I’m not much of a drinks person other than plain simple water. Howev... Read More


Soups are underrated. They tend to take as long as a main meal but get relegated to the side as an opener. Sometimes soups are so hearty they are the main meal! Here are a collection of our family&#82... Read More

Main Dishes

In our family, our main meal of the day is lunch which I serve around 1pm on most days. I am currently cooking for a family of six, which includes three young men plus my husband. Even my young growin... Read More


I often skip making desserts as I don’t like spending extra time making foods that don’t support a healthy lifestyle. However, desserts are totally part of a healthy lifestyle! And you can... Read More