Poetry Main Lesson Block

My 10-year-old daughter requested a unit on poetry. Since we’ve included poetry in our main lesson blocks as part of the lessons or opening activities, we had a lot of resources to choose from. I narrowed down the lessons to focus on three main areas: biographies, poetry and composition. To help with the poetry writing portion of this unit, I plan to use the Interactive Poetry Journal by Fatima Mohammad. This journal accompanies the book Time to Rhyme which is written and illustrated by the talented poetess Fatima Mohammad. I’ve come to enjoy poetry written by children and find that my 10-year-old daughter does as well. In addition to the interactive poetry journal, I have three poetry books that include biographies. I especially like adding biographies to our units whenever possible. What’s great about these resources is that they include the poetry that is mentioned throughout the biography. I learned about some poetry books for two voices by my friend Lindsey, and though we bought them years ago, we are only just now incorporating them into our unit. I couldn’t do a poetry unit without including my favorite poetry book for children called Plum by Tony Mitton. I scheduled this unit for two weeks with an additional two weeks to continue writing poetry as we move on to other lessons.

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