I can’t say enough about the Nature-Watch kits we’ve used so far. They are well designed and take all the hard work out of doing hands-on projects and replaces with simple projects that are easy to do with great results. The projects are meaningful, educational and long lasting. And because we’ve purchased the classroom kits for projects, we have left overs to use again and share. This project is for our Spring Nature Themed unit and you can see more projects for this unit.

This project is a Nature-Water DIY indoor greenhouse to grow herbs. It actually works! And what makes it especially easy for transplant are the soil pellets the kit comes with have mesh around them. These soil pellets come dry for easy shipping and storage. You just add several tablespoons per soil pellet to rehydrate them. Keep an extra half inch of water in the container once the soil pellets are rehydrated. Add 10 seeds to each soil pellet (the opening should be face up), cover the seeds and put the lid back on. In about 2-4 weeks, the herbs will be big enough to transplant. They are ready for harvest a few months later. Harvest stems and leaves and leave the plant to continue growing. To keep it from going to seed, pinch off the flowers.



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