Mini Doll with Blue Hair! | DIY Tutorial

“Blue hair,” said my four-year-old daughter, “that’s what I want.” So I made her a finger puppet with blue hair just as she requested. Her friend had asked me to make one for her with blue hair, so earlier in the day, I pack up my finger puppet making supplies and drove over to my friend’s house for a puppet house call. Forty minutes later, she had a braided finger puppet with blue hair and my daughter had one with a red cape and yellow hair. As soon as we got home, I unpacked my supplies and made her one with extra long blue hair that she could trim; I added beads to her head band and placed here in a little ‘magical’ scene so my daughter could play with her.

Supplies needed: finger puppet base, felt, wool yarn, glue gun and scissors.

Most supplies can be found at local craft stores or A Child’s Dream.

Duration: 25 minutes
Level: ages 10 and up

Pulling this one out from the Pepper and Pine archives from December 8, 2015.

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