With minimal video edits, you get to see from start to finish how I teach a form drawing lesson. This is a real time lesson, so it’s naturally long, but today’s lesson is unconventionally short. This lesson is done with my six-year-old.

A note on these lessons: Filming while doing a lesson is an unusually thing for us, and trying to orient all our main lesson books for the camera is unnatural. It’s harder to write this way, and it’s definitely not remotely ideal for my 6-year-old daughter who needs to do these lesson not just for the artistry, but for the hand mechanics of learning drawing and pre-writing skills. Also, I show the book and it is present for your benefit, but I would prefer to have the book away and for us to create the forms after I have familiarized myself with the forms.

Though we did the suggested pre-lesson activities, it was hard to film all of those and explain how they complement the lesson and how to actually do those activities.

One thing we haven’t yet done, but intend to do with the lessons is tell a story that represents the forms.

This is officially lesson 9 for this main lesson block. To see lesson 1, click here.

You can see the other lessons for this Form Drawing Main Lesson Block.

Here are other videos related to First Grade.

Lesson one was the introduction of the straight and curved line. Lesson two is patterns with straight lines. In today’s lesson, we worked with long and short lines, and later we did patterns with increasing and decreasing lengths and lines going in horizontal and vertical orientations. We also introduced varying colors.

We use Stockmar stick and block crayons on a 9×12 inch main lesson book with blank pages.

To see the form drawing playlist, click here:

Form drawing is calming, meditative and enjoyable. It’s deceptively easy. Form drawing requires concentration and practice, but the process works to help children (and adults) focus the mind on the task, perfect it through repeated tries, all while enjoying the artistic aspect of the lesson.

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