For this unit study on trees and plants, we are going to stick pretty close to the Live-Education Waldorf curriculum for the Botany Main Lesson Block. The Waldorf curriculum is fairly complete with just a few suggested supplement books. You will need your main lesson book, some color pencils or another art medium and a pencil. We are going to extend this main lesson block into a unit study, adding more resources and games for various ages groups to meet the need to all my children. We will turn part of this time into a unit study on plants and trees filling our unit with picture books, board games, kits, gardening adventures and a lot of time outdoors enjoying the fair whether. We have begun to fill our nature journals (ones we made last year) with illustrations inspired by the game Into The Forest. We will also make use of a Charlotte Mason book Sharing Nature With Children to find innovative ways to enjoy nature with kids or adults.

We also added some books by Arabella Buckley. These books were written about 100 years ago and they are lively engaging story driven science books that are so different than the science texts you see today.

No unit would be complete without some kits, and we are finding the ones from Nature-Watch very educational and fun to use. We are using Forever Forest, Pine Tree Growing kit and Forest in a Box for this unit.


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