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For our Nature Unit, we spent a lot of time at a local regional park. In an attempt to make the best use of our time, I packed a backpack with some ‘educational’ material we could use to inspire us while in the field. Of course we had snacks and water, but we also carried our nature journals, field guides and other materials and tools to enhance our outdoor experience.

What do you pack when you leave the house for a day at the park, forest, or beach? Let me know below.

“I’m currently putting together my bag now. I have a lot of the same stuff. I also have gloves, a couple of baby food jars for water, some washi tape for attaching stuff in journals, old crayons for leaf rubbing, a full first aid kit because my family is prone to mishaps, ziplock to keep twigs and leaves for our nature table, basic art kit, a trash bag so we can gather trash too, then the usual hats, sunscreen, etc.” -Miki Thompson

“Excellent we usually geocache on our hikes and hunt fungi. It also depends on the time of year.” -Mid-Century Micro Farm

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