Winter Peg Doll Tutorial | Waldorf Winter Nature Table

I made this set for my daughter for our Winter Nature Table. You might be surprised to learn that she didn’t end up really liking these as much as I’d hope. They’re nice, but not a hit. She may come around and like them a lot at some point, but I happen to really like them, so until she wants to play with them, they’ll decorate our Winter Nature Table.

You may not have noticed, but these are the extra large peg dolls. When I saw them at A Child’s Dream, I wasn’t interested in them. They were too big for my liking. My kids saw them and asked if we could try them out. I said, “okay.” They are 3.5 inches tall compared to the 2 inches of the typical peg dolls. When we received them, I wasn’t thrilled with them. While working with them, I found them too big, but when I was finished with this project, I absolutely loved them! Who knew! I certainly didn’t. I’m happy we tried these out. I have two more sets, and I’m thinking of making a mama and papa spring and summer…we’ll see.

There’s a first for everything 🙂

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All materials except for beads are from A Child’s Dream:
Large Peg Doll -ManLarge Peg Doll -Woman, Felt in Winter and Autumn colorsFinger PuppetPeg Doll Book

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