First grade supplies for a Waldorf curriculum are so beautiful and inspiring. Typical materials you’ll find are watercolors, watercolor paper, block and stick crayons, a recorder, beeswax, yarn and wool.

The following are minute markers were you can find the item described in the video.

0:52 Recorder
1:18 Glockenspiel
2:02 Silk
4:52 ABC Peg Doll Tutorial
5:45 Weather Gnomes
6:24 Wool Felt
6:29 Peg Dolls
6:29 Finger Puppet bases
7:04 Kite paper
7:12 Suncatcher tutorial
7:40 Origami Paper
7:52 Tissue Paper
8:05 Tissue Paper project
8:41 Making Peg Dolls Book
9:42 Crafts Through the Year
10:28 Autumn Book
10:40 Winter Book
10:59 The Living Alphabet
11:23 Stockmar Beeswax
12:03 Create-A-Story Card by eeboo
12:46 Storytelling Book
14:46 Waldorf Poetry Book
14:48 Waldorf Animal Poetry
15:01 Wool
15:20 Wool
15:59 Felt needles
17:24 Wood Clip
18:10 Nutcracker
Link coming soon

20:47 Finger knitters
21:17 Dazzle-it
Link? Not sure!

22:17 Lamb’s Pride Yarn Bulky
22:56 Lamb’s Pride Worsted Weight
23:30 Yarn ball
Tutorial coming soon

24:30 Knitted Ball
Tutorial coming soon

25:00 Weaving tutorial
25:45 Counting Sticks tutorial
27:12 Candle Rolling Kit
27:25 Candle Rolling Tutorial
27:30 Candle dipping tutorial
27:55 Grimm’s Fairy Tales
link coming soon

30:30 Main Lesson book
30:52 Stockmar Stick crayons
31:35 Stockmar Block Crayons
32:10 Crayon holder tutorial
33:43 Strathmore Watercolor paper
34:44 Stockmar watercolors
35:18 Watercolor Pumpkins tutorial
36:01 Watercolor Brushes

36:02 Brushes
36:36 Watercoloring techniques
37:11 Chalk Pastels
37:33 Chalk Drawing Tutorials Playlist
37:43 Waldorf blackboard chalks
First Grade Waldorf Curriculum

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  1. My daughter is only in kindergarten this year, and my son going into grade 3, but I absolutely loved your video! Everything in it is so beautiful and obviously chosen with love. It’s showing me some things I’d forgotten and have to look forward to 🙂 Hope that your grade one school year goes well!

    1. Thank you Claudia, the materials are certainly something to get excited about 🙂 And that helps drive the excitement and motivation throughout the year. The kindergarten years are filled with even more magical supplies. You should have a great year!

  2. Got a haul ourselves from a Child’s Dream based on your video. Just introduced the knitting tower. It was a huge success. First time my son asked for quiet time to work on his project.

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