Watercoloring Pumpkin | Kindergarten Craft

Have you ever limited your paint pallet to just yellow, red and blue? Having the freedom to choose from a myriad of colors is thrilling, but equally thrilling is being able to make a variety of colors with just the three primary ones.

Today’s project is making pumpkins using just three colors: yellow, red and blue. We begin by painting the whole paper yellow. This is a good opportunity to tell a story about the bright sun and how grateful the pumpkin seedling was for the warmth and sunshine. Next you add some watered down red to the yellow to make the pumpkin. A blazing sunset might represent the red, or the special transformation that occurred to the pumpkin when it grew from a flower into a pumpkin. Next add the blue to the yellow surrounding the pumpkin to make your leaf finishing off with a bit of red and blue to make the stem.

My kids and I loved this project and now our paintings (mine included) are hanging in our school room.

You can find theĀ Stockmar paints and watercolor holder with jars at A Child’s Dream. Paint brushes and watercolor paper are from Waldorf Supplies.

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