I believe most learning and academic issues will work themselves out in time, but there are a few things I noticed in our homeschool that didn’t and rather needed intervention. While these are things I experienced, you may have a different experience all together and have to intervene in other areas of your homeschool. Not all things need to be caught and corrected early. Indeed this may be stressful for a young student still grappling with a new skill. Use your best judgment and parental intuition to discern which things need early intervention. One thing I encourage is to follow your intuition about any issue, even if others tell you it’s within normal development. If you feel there’s something not right, see it through. So often I’ve heard mothers say they knew something was amiss but they couldn’t figure out what it was. While I think there are some things that need intervention, I’ve also noticed that a lot of things do simply work themselves out over time. Now if only there was a way to definitively know which ones they were so as to alleviate the stress of not knowing when to intervene early!

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