There are a number of additional resources I use when homeschooling, even when using a curriculum that doesn’t require any. It’s not always a good thing. Sometimes it give you more work and stretches lessons unnecessarily. Sometimes the extra books are golden! Today I share a wide assortment of additional books we used when putting together our main lesson blocks for 3rd grade. While some of these books were used extensively, others are ones I think will work with the Live Education! Waldorf homeschool curriculum.

When I first saw the third grade Waldorf curriculum, I wasn’t interested in using it because there was so much content I didn’t intend to use. A few years later, I realized the wisdom behind why these particular main lesson blocks are chosen for the 9-year-old student. I’ll share those reflections in the video as well as give you an in-depth review of the Live Education! third grade curriculum with tips of how to use it.

We’ve gone through this curriculum before so you can to see my children’s main lesson books. As we used our own resources for many of the main lesson blocks, you’ll see how we tailored this year’s curriculum to suit our religious needs and cultural background.

You’ll need a number of supplies for the third year including the basics of main lesson books, additional resource books, crayons and color pencils, watercolors and watercolor paper as well as the materials for handwork projects. You can see the complete list of supplies for the third grade.

While you don’t need any additional resource books for this year save a few for the lesson on Hebrew Myths and Culture, I do have a number of additional books that round out the 3rd grade curriculum. The bulk of them were used for the main lessons on Hebrew Myths and Culture. We used culturally relevant texts and religious books for those main lesson blocks. I share more resources that will come in handy for the parent/teacher, but they are by no means necessary to use the curriculum successfully.

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You can see more videos in for Third Grade. More tutorials will be added to the playlist as they are made. Have a request? Share it with me!

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