This is the Live-Education 7th grade Waldorf curriculum. It comes with several main lesson blocks: Perspective Drawing, Renaissance Biographies, Creative Writing, The Age of Discovery, Algebra, Physics and European Geography. The curriculum also comes with an introduction to the 7th year as well as recommendations for other main lessons blocks. This year you’ll need several new supplies that were not needed before like the material for physics. Some supplies you’ll need that you may have already purchased are a compass, fountain pen, main lesson books, color pencils, watercolors, drawing paper, watercolor paper and graph paper.

This video details the books and supplies used for 7th grade, as well covers the basics of the homeschool day from planning to block rotation.

The homeschool schedule proceeds like this: Begin the day with morning activities. These range from mental math and daily grammar to physical movement and song.

Following the morning activities which take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, you can begin your main lesson. The main lesson involves, review, introduction and lesson followed by activities for the lesson. The three-day learning cycle is important for the student as it is its own review process. There are no tests, quizzes or worksheets (typically) in a Waldorf school, so the review process ensures that information is being understood and processed.

Following the main lesson, the student may do additional math or writing. Following lunch, the afternoon time is devoted to handwork, music, foreign language, physical exercise, art and reading.

What’s going on with your 12-14 year old? The introduction to this year covers the biological and developmental changes occurring in your student and explains why lessons have been chosen for this year and how you can best support these changes in our child.

Here’s the math supplement curriculum we use, Key To Curriculum Series.
Watercolor paper and techniques

All the projects we do with Distress Inks


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