How to Make Roman Armor

We continue our Ancient Roman unit study with this suit of armor we made using cardboard and fabric.

We used flat pieces of cardboard which we spray painted with Rustoleum Hammered Metal paint to give the cardboard a metallic look. We cut it into 5″ strips and fastened the strips together using metal brads.

For the shield we shaped a piece of cardboard so it was a rounded rectangle, then painted it to look like leather and decorated it with a leaf pattern.

For the tunic, we used some old red curtains and cut them into the shape of a long t-shirt that is flared at the bottom.

The helmet was the most difficult piece. I used many small strips of cardboard and metal brads to shape the helmet.

We used a large dowel to represent a spear and some swords we already had to finish off the look.

Supplies: cardboard, silver spray paint, acrylic paint, large metal brads, metal clasp, adhesive and red fabric.

Tools needed: scissors and sewing machine.




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