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When it comes to teaching Algebra the Waldorf way, I admit, I haven’t stayed true the teaching method. Instead, I’ve relied on the Key to Algebra as a teaching tool to introduce and teach algebra in a slow and gentle way. While we do have the Live Education Waldorf curriculum for middle school which includes the Algebra main lesson book and Teaching Mathematics in Rudolf Steiner Schools, I didn’t use them as much as I would have liked. In part because the imaginative and real life approach to algebra was such a departure from the way I learned and understood math, I had a hard time getting my mind reoriented so that I could teach it that way. As a result, my children missed out on this approach. One resource we are enjoying immensely is Algebra, The x and Y of Everyday Math. While math games are sparse when it comes to algebra, 24 Game Integers it a winner! It’s fun, challenging and educational.

These resources are intended for middle school and high school; however, if you are using this as a high schooler, you may need additional resources to make your algebra course of high school caliber and rigor. Otherwise, there resources can be used for a gentle high school approach, a pre-algebra course or an algebra course that takes 1-2 years rather than a single year.

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