I’m a creature of habit, so once a room is set up in our home, I have no desire to change it. Our school room has basically been the same since we set it up in 2013. Small changes here and there have happened, but nothing as dramatic and involved as this. I decided to remove the mounted chalkboards and mount my mobile chalkboard on the wall instead. I rearranged the boys’ room to take two IKEA Expedit bookcases from their room to put in the school room. I wanted the extra storage space and a place for the chalkboard to rest on (it’s still mounted to the wall). To finish off this space, I add an IKEA floating shelf and drilled in lights above and below. The lights were from the bookshelves I took from the boys’ room. The only new purchase was the floating shelf. I really love the way it turned out. The bookshelves are resting on their side, rather than being upright. This also gives me some additional counter space. I put a few items on the shelf. It’s so inviting and the books are easier to get from the bookcase rather than the way I was storing our units previously in bins and boxes.

You can see a complete before homeschool room tour and a recent tour as well.
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