Chalkboard Paint


I love having a large chalkboard, but over the years, the texture was smoothed out from repeated use. This made drawing with pastel chalk very frustrating as none of the chalk would stick when we did our Waldorf inspired chalk drawings. The chalkboard was just too smooth. I called the company who makes the chalkboards and asked what I could do and basically there was nothing I could do. And if I painted it with chalkboard paint I would ruin it. So for another four years, I lived with it, ever more frustrated and annoyed each time I attempted a chalk drawing. Finally this week I resolved to paint the chalkboard. It was becoming useless, and I saw no other way.

So, I went over to Home Depot and bought a can of Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint. I had them mix it while I was there for good measure, then drove home and painted. Well, first I agonized over it just a wee bit longer. My 14 year helped me un-mount our chalkboard and take it to the balcony, so I could paint in a well ventilated area.

I looked at the paint questioningly, then finally started. There was no going back. I painted a single coat that evening, and another one the following morning. Later the next day I remounted it. Watch and see whether it was a huge success or a big failure!

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