I love making things for my children, and this craft delighted them! I’m going to show you four different ways to make these wands. This project is fast, easy and affordable. You can find all supplies at your local craft store and with four methods to choose from, you’ll find one that suits your skill level.

These Fairy Wands or Fairy Dusters are a crafty durable solution to plastic wands found at most stores. You can decorate and accessorize to meet your child’s needs. These toys help facilitate hours of creative open-ended play your children will love. Play is an important building block in the development of a child.


Dowels 1/4″x12″ (one for each wand), paint or markers, wool or cotton balls, felt, accessories like gold twine, gems, embroidery floss and sequence, scissors, template, glue gun and glue, and needle if you plan to sew your felt.


Plug in glue gun. Paint dowels and set them aside. Cut templates and felt. Begin gluing felt, leaving an opening for wool or cotton balls and the dowel. Fill design with wool and add a generous amount of glue inside design. Slip dowel in and secure the edges with more glue. Add accessories to finish off the fairy wand. Enjoy hours of play!

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