Dollar Tree Craft

It feel it’s hit or miss when buying toys from Dollar Tree, but these dollhouse furniture pieces are definitely a win! I’m impressed with the quality and durability of these pieces, not to mention they are made of wood! I think it’s balsa wood which is soft and lightweight and easily damaged, so care is still needed when handling these pieces. But the plus side is that if anything breaks off, at least you can glue it back together…not so with plastic toys, especially the cheap ones which tend to break easily and right away! There were several pieces of furniture available: dinning room table, chair, bed, short dresser, tall dresser and high table. The pieces are are charming, detailed and seem pretty durable for something from the Dollar Tree.

For this project, we altered a bed with a bit of fabric left over from the rag dolls I made my daughter, some wool and hot glue. This is a very quick and simple craft and and it’s a great way to personalize a store bought item.


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