Dollar Tree Haul

How cute are these dollhouse furniture pieces? And for only a dollar! If you are near a Dollar Tree, be sure to look for this dollhouse furniture because it’s well made, made from wood and has exquisite detail!

I was surprised so see such charming dollhouse furniture at the Dollar Tree, and made from wood no less! The pieces in the set (each sold separately) are a table, chair, tall dresser, short dresser, bed and tall side table. At least those are the pieces I found at one local Dollar Tree. The chairs have surprising detail. And for only a dollar, I was really impressed. I believe the wood is balsa wood, which means it is soft and possibly easily broken. The tables look the most prone to breaking because of the long legs. The dresser drawers don’t open, which is fine by me and the details on the pieces make this furniture a real steal for only a dollar a piece. If your kids play rough with toys, then these are not for them. My daughter is usually pretty delicate with her toys, so I have confidence these will last. And if not, I can mend them with glue, something that’s not easily done with plastic toys.

Another nice thing about these furniture pieces is that they are made from wood which means they can be stained or painted. While my daughter wants to keep them natural right now, I think some diluted Lyra watercolor paints will be a nice way to personalize these pieces. We already altered the little bed with some wool and fabric and added a pillow. It was a simple way to add a personalized touch to store bought furniture.

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