Exploring the Queen Mary


As part of their 80th anniversary, the Queen Mary opened its doors to the public for free tours, short films and general exploration of this majestic permanently docked liner.

The ship boasts breathtaking artwork, craftsmanship and design that is visible for all to see and enjoy. Our tour guide pointed much of this out to us and also explained that dozens of woods and wood veneers were used throughout the ship.

The mid century art deco decor and feel permeates all parts of this cruise liner. It’s a joy to see it restored and cared for, and it’s a real life glimpse into the past.

Of course you can’t help but be transported to the Titanic while you’re here. Though the two ships are different, there is simply a feel and a wonderment that this is what it could have been like on the Titanic.

We learned a lot from our visit. While on deck, we could see a modern cruise liner docked nearby with its large water slide, and I couldn’t help but appreciate the juxtaposition of the two ships side by side.

My kids’ favorite part was going into the bowel of the ship to see the inner working of the ship. The functional pieces of the motor have been removed, so this ship will never run again, but everything was still intact. The enormous propeller is visible in a special room that’s outside the ship where you can see into the murky green water. There is an eeriness about it that is fascinating.

We also learned that the Long Beach Harbor is the home to many Hollywood backdrops. That landscape serves as many locations from Miami to Mexican-American border!

The one thing we only glimpse at while walking below deck was one of the rooms you can stay in as a Queen Mary guest. The rooms are small, compact, slightly claustrophobic and windowless (though some are not). I hear it’s like sleeping in an RV (well that’s what I overheard someone say!).

Is it haunted??? NO!! But you can take a creepy, scary tour of the ‘haunted’ parts of the ship during their ghost tour. The perks of that tour are that you can see some of the parts of the ship that are off-limits to other guests. Enjoy at your own risk!

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