I’m always surprised when my children want to felt. It’s not the easiest craft and it takes a while to, but their projects turned out so cute! Especially my 7-year-old’s caterpillar.True to her spirit and personality, she did her own thing and it turned out better than both my son’s and mine combined. Hers looks like a little puppy with ears and a nose and a super long skinny body. I love it!

This project accompanies our Butterflies and Caterpillars unit.

The materials needed for this project can be found at A Child’s Dream.

We used yellow wool from the pastel pack of Corriedale Wool, black Wool Top wool, undyed wool, felting needles, finger guards (optional, but recommended when children are felting) and a foam pad.

This project took about 20-30 minutes total including setup and cleanup and is geared to children about 10 years and up, but my 7-year-old managed this project wonderfully.

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